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Grand Manan is a strong, sea-surrounded community of hearty,hard-working individuals.  The pace of life is governed by the seasons and the beautiful Bay of Fundy waters.  In years past the small villages were self-contained.  There were stores, schools and churches in each locale.  People identified strongly by village or “tribe”.

In recent years a single island community has emerged.  With a degree of instability in the fishing industry, more of our young people sought a way of life that was not dependent on fishing.  This meant moving away.

Today we have more seasonal residents than we did years ago.  These folks have been a wonderful addition to the island, embracing the culture and bringing their own set of talents and abilities to raise the quality of life that we enjoy.

12088432_10156189140935038_8575893555928519208_nThere are many, many beautiful locations that you’ll want to see while you are here.  A person can skim the sights in a relatively short period of time.  If you are a hiker, you need several days to get a better picture of Grand Manan.  If you enjoy kayaking and water sports there are many options.

Make sure you ask our staff and any islander for their favourite spots and you’ll find that there is much more to Grand Manan than meets the hurried eye.

We are so glad to have you here.

Just a Reminder

We are so excited to present our facilities in the best shape that they have been for years.  Our renovations have been extensive over the last couple of years in particular.  In years past we have allowed guests to bring their pets.  We regret that we are...

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First Post

It is my pleasure to make this first post on the new site for Surfside Motel.  It has been encouraging to see the new face of this long established, successful Grand Manan business.  As a child I remember playing in the foundation holes that were being dug to run the...

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Sea Watch

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Peter Wilcox has owned and operated Sea Watch tours for many years.  If there is a whale to be found Sea Watch will find it. Click here to book your reservations with Sea watch tours.

Bay Of Fundy Tides

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The highest tides in the world are found in the Bay of Fundy.  Certain places are accessible at low tide but not at high tide.  Click here to familiarize yourself with high and low tide times.