First Post

It is my pleasure to make this first post on the new site for Surfside Motel.  It has been encouraging to see the new face of this long established, successful Grand Manan business.  As a child I remember playing in the foundation holes that were being dug to run the footers for the buildings.  I watched as a friend kite-buzzed the workers who were doing the roofing work on the motel.  I was there the night that it burned.

The management of Surfside Motel is committed to continuing to serve the island by accommodating visitors, workers, extended family and former residents.  Renovations are continuing steadily as of this post with an eye on completion within the next few weeks.

If you haven’t had the chance to see our improvements, stop by and we’ll make sure to show you what we have done.  Please share this post and the website links with your friends.

We appreciate your support in every way as we move forward at Surfside.